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     Silverbrook, a natural fiber farm, was established in 1981.The picturesque land had been purchased by Jacob Mottorn, son of Pennsylvania Dutch tenent farmers, in 1939. The 237 acre farm includes one of the original 180 acres land grants given by the Commonweath of PA for fighting native Indians.

     In 1981, Jacob's daughter and family returned to Pennsylvania from the stressful life of Houston, Tx. The first animals were purchased within a month and consisted of 11 sheep and a pair of angora goats(mohair). Love for the animals soon became a desire to spin their fleeces. The flock continued to expand providing Corriedale crossed with Rambouillet or Border Leister/Kericle for natural colored fleeces. Angora rabbits were added. Lambs are sold for breeding stock, and some are taken to a local U.S.D.A. butcher shop for lamb cuts, halves or whole sales.  Sheepskins are processed for sale. During the initial years, sales were conducted from the farm or at numerous festivals, craft shows and fairs.

     In 1985, a cottage industry was constructed on the farm. The basement served as a fiber sorting, cleaning and dyeing area. The first floor contained products for sale, and the 2nd floor included spinning wheels and knitting machines for production and lessons. Spinning wheels, knitting machines, and hand knit and crochet supplies were added.

     Winter weather had become a serious problem due to the long dirt lane. An 1860 home was purchased and restored 1n 1997, two miles from the farm for shop expansion. The new location is accessible all year located on Rt. 119, the major north-south highway in the area. Additional spinning wheel companies and looms were acquired for regular inventory. We continue to offer free lessons with the purchase of equipment. Additional quality yarn companies and silk, rayon, and cotton fibers have been added.

     In 1998, llamas and alpacas were purchased. Llamas are cross bred with an alpaca sire and are for sale. The resulting fiber is longer and silky.

     The current shop is called Silverbrook Fiber Arts and Sheepskins. It is located at 16040 Route 119 N, Marchand, PA 15758-5804. Through the years we have added sheepskin vests, slippers, mittens, gloves, auto steering wheel and shoulder belt covers, bike seat covers, and car wash mitts. Our sheepskins, whites and natural colors, are processed machine washable.

     There are a variety of natural colors including brown, charcoal, black and various natural shades of white and cream. In addition, we purchase white and dyed machine washable merino sheepskins. Merino is very soft and silky providing a desirable choice for many medically confined people.

      Silverbrook’s store location on the major North-South highway has resulted in increased requests for spinning and weaving classes. In addition to introductory classes, we offer a number of specialized topic classes. Because of the workmanship and quality of Schacht floor looms, one of each model (wolf pup, baby wolf, mighty wolf, and an 8 harness floor loom) are available in the store. A Schacht multi harness table loom and various rigid heddle, tapestry and frame looms are in stock. A large assortment of books and Schacht weaving accessories such as shuttles, reeds, bobbins, heddles and heddle hooks are maintained in stock. In addition, our inventory for weaving includes Harrisville friendly looms and Ashford rigid heddle looms.

     A large variety of spinning wheels are kept in inventory. Ashford, Louet, Majacraft and Schacht are all well represented in our store. We believe that a new spinner needs to try different types of spinning wheels to choose a wheel that fits for relaxation and will accommodate the types of spinning the student wants to create. Our inventory includes Schacht and Ashford hand cards, flick carders, and drop spindles. In addition, Ashford and Louet drum carders and niddy noddys are kept in stock.

      Many major yarn companies have been added to our 4 rooms of yarn inventory. The quest for green fibers has added bamboo, corn, soybean, milk, tencel and seaweed to our fibers from the earth for spinning and
yarn for knitting, crochet, weaving and crafts. Pattern support from various yarn companies and publishers are available for knitting, felting and crochet. Ann Norling, Fiber Trends, and Penny Straker patterns are regularly well stocked.

      Silverbrook offers a revolving inventory of hand knit and woven items of clothing and home accessories.  Our sweaters are all designed here and are never repeated. Hats, scarves, shawls are available as well as baby blankets and afghans. For the kitchen we offer a selection of placemats, napkins and pot holders.


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16040 Route 119 Hwy N 
   Marchand, PA   15758-5804

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